Our furniture is manufactured in a 20,000+ sq. meters. I our production area we carry out the processes of carpentry and assembling, storage, loading, cutting, sewing, tapestry and freight. At Liz Muebles we have numeric control routers and high-precision board monitors. We have high technology equipment (LECTRA SYSTEM and GERBER) at the cutting/sewing area, which provides accuracy to our designs. We also have German machines with Italian operation systems. We have a radiofrequency system to control the production and merchandise delivery on a daily basis, as well as a SAP system applied in all of our administrative and operational activities.

Jalisco Award of Export, 2000.

Many accolades awarded by Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro and Sears for more than 40 years.

Two yearly awards by the Furniture Industry, recognition granted by the presidents of such organism.

We used high-technology German machines for our sewing process, which operate with an Italian operation system. We also used SAP in all of our operational systems.