At LIZ Muebles we optimize everything to turn your process in a full purchase experience. Our commitment is to provide a high quality service, focused to achieve a 100% satisfaction in every delivery and to give the best, most accurate post-purchase service to each of our customers.
Adequate and Prompt Delivery
It is a priority for us to deliver our products under the agreed scheduled conditions. For this, most of our administrative and logistics work is focused on that, avoiding delays and inconsistencies.
Exclusive Models for Retailers
We are highly committed to provide unique models and designs to each of LIZ Muebles retailers, which makes the final customer to find them exclusively with them. This encourages the brands of our retailers to be recognized for providing unique styles in their furniture proposals.
Biyearly trend presentations
We are always up to date, which is the reason that twice a year we are dedicated to launch exclusive designs for our retailers in private expos, in which each of them can chose the unique models to offer to their final customers.

POP professional advice
We dedicate resources to provide advice when our retailers need it on the sales floor. By doing this, we make sure that our personnel is trained to inform the final customer about what each of our products offer in terms of design, quality and functionality.

Sales representatives support to our clients (retailers) in Expos
Our sales representatives will join our retailers in each of their expos, in order to have a permanent brand presence and provide the necessary support or advice on the final customer’s final decision.